Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Reparations

Over the past weeks it seems evident that the African diaspora across the planet is seeking justice. Not just for the Trayvon Martin trial which had many people energies on the rise, I am referring to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade reparations. The latest and loudest cry is that of Reparations for slavery.

Reparations for slavery is the idea that some form of compensatory payment should be made to the descendants of those who have been enslaved by the Atlantic Slave Trade

During the indoctrination period, 1555 AD – 1619 AD, we can see that the flow of kidnapped victims from the interior and coasts of the continent of Africa to the Caribbean Islands. This is before they brought the first kidnap victim, later to be called slaves, to the mainland  in Jamestown, Virginia.


Many people displaced from their original nation were dropped off and sold at different ports of arrival throughout the archipelago of the Caribbean Islands, Central America and South America. The only difference with the ports were the “owners” of those trading posts. We can see the French owning Port-Au-Prince or Spain controlling Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Both of these countries occupy an island known as Hispanolia.

With a majority of the western captives speaking English, it should be noted on how England became a part of the kidnapping businesses that the whole of Europe seemed so eager to scale up. It was Admiral Sir John Hawkins, who on his second voyage in 1564 was rented a boat named ” Jesus of Lubeck ” better known as The Good Ship Jesus. This is the Jesus some of the ancestors may have seen and known, not any image portrait by Michaelangelo.

After more than 500 years of ill treatment by the European colonizers, the diaspora that dominates the Caribbean Islands are now seeking and demanding reparations for the work their ancestors performed to build their respective islands as profitable trading posts for their European colonizers. Although countries such as England is hoping they would not have to repay for what they did to others centuries before.

We are right to demand reparations The move by Caricom to demand reparations for slavery from the United Kingdom and other European nations which brought people from Africa to work as slaves on sugar plantations in their Caribbean colonies should be pursued until the matter is resolved 

With the advancement of technology, communication and facts, the diaspora is seeking to gain traction to move forward as a united community of Africans for progress. The internet, old notes and documents reveals the atrocities that the Africans underwent under the yoke of chattel slavery. Documents such as ” The Willie Lynch Letter ” tells on how they conspired to ” maintain their slaves ” for a minimum of at least three hundred years. This is stated to be written and given as a speech on the James River banks in 1712.

With such subtitles as ” LET’S MAKE A SLAVE ” or ” CARDINAL PRINCIPLES FOR MAKING A NEGRO ”  or ” THE BREAKING PROCESS OF THE AFRICAN WOMAN ” shows the malicious intent that was inflicted upon the physical, mental and emotional bodies of the kidnap victims who were now dubbed slaves at this time. Mind you this is before the United States actually became a country. The Europeon colonizers had all agreed on what they should do with their newly acquired property, namely the offspring of the Africans their forefathers kidnapped and brought to work for them.

You can also view the Willie Lynch Letter by clicking on the link.


Obama Opposes Slavery ReparationsObama Opposes Slavery Reparations

It also looks as if the Commander in Chief of the United States clearly stated a few years back how he felt about reparations for the Africans within his nation. It is also said that his father is also from Kenya, but does he have any emotional or mental attachment to those within the nation of his father?



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